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Bianca Harrison

Style:  Singer-Songwriter


"For many years I’ve had this vision within me to bring these kind of songs into the world…"

She started composing when she was a teenager and describes her songwriting as rather intuitive. Musically, the musician draws from her roots in gospel, soul, pop and jazz. Integral to her development and her deeper understanding of life was certainly the experience with her own special son who was born with Down syndrome. His truthful way of meeting life and being fully in the present moment, justified her new style of songwriting and opened the doors to finding her own sense of musical authenticity.


„My songs had to ripen, like a good wine, as I had to mature and arrive within myself. I want to open spaces with my music and my lyrics. Maybe also inspire to higher realities. I am interested in what drives us as people, what makes us long for more and enables us to be real. When composing and singing, I am honestly searching for my inner truth and strength.I listen for deeper responses, so to speak. From this inner listening, the songs of this album have been created.“


She lets the audience participate in this journey, and does not hide the moments of failure and insecurity. Carried by a deep longing and devotion, the listener is touched by the great expressiveness and the extraordinary presence and intimacy of a voice that sings insistently to the heart of things.


Stylistically, Bianca Harrison's music moves on new paths between folk, jazz, soul and pop music, hand-made and finely drawn. Her voice hugs the listener and radiates great warmth.


So far, five of her titles have been recorded and mixed in collaboration with


producer, pianist & arranger

Roald Raschner (Hubert v. Goisern, Werner Schmidbauer)

contra & electic bass player

acoustic and electric guitar

drums & percussion

Peter Cudek (Walter Lang Trio)

Christoph Müller (Martina Eisenreich)

Thomas Simmerl (Klaus Doldinger, Hildegard Knef)



Ole Seelenmeyer, Founder and Spokesman of the German Rock Musicians Association:

"Strong songs! Great compositions! Fantastic singing! Wonderful, wonderful, beautiful voice! "

Steven Sugar, Dance Producer & Star DJ of Milk & Sugar:

"Every time I stop by Roald's studio and listen to Bianca's songs, it's warming my heart. Simply beautiful music. "


Philipp Schepmann, Speaker & Actor:

"Bianca's songs take me on like eagle wings and take me far across the land. So easy and yet so deep. Beautiful!"


Christian Wolf, Photographer, Heavy Metal & "Wacken" Fan:

"Actually, I'm more of a head banger guy, but with Bianca's music, I would just sit down and open an expensive bottle of wine to enjoy. Really well done. "

Heike Becker, Designer, Queens Design, Hamburg:

"Wow! Beautiful .. and what a voice! Really amazing ... "


Jack Moriarty, Guitarist & Musician, Boston USA:

„It sounds great! Very professional and polished, yet still very original. Emotional. Bianca’s voice sounds like golden honey! Very different from other (usual) German productions.“

Mauro Pittino, Studio Operator & Owner of Silver Stage Munich, Artist (Rap & Hip Hop):

"Wow! I would like to rap on the track House of Nothing! From your heart directly into ours: THIS IS REAL MUSIC! "


Gary Harrison, soul & gospel singer, dancer & performer, New York USA:

„Norah Jones vibe going on here. For people who appreciate authentic expression and hearing real acoustic instruments. Very nice melodies, voicings and harmonies. I love the musicianship, very authentic. Nice job with arrangement. With what’s going on today, this is truly refreshing.“

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